Parks and Trails

Escape the city and relax at Lakefront.

Parks and Trails

Visit one of our public parks for amenities the whole family can enjoy. For more information contact Parks & Recreation at 972-731-3296. Little Elm is proud to boast 66-miles of shoreline and an intricate trail system that continues to expand. We maintain our parks and trails with pride and hope that everyone can visit Little Elm, be active, and see why we’re the Town With A Lake Attitude!

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We are also a Leave No Trace community. Before you hit one of our parks, trails, or Beach, read these tips:

  • Heading out to hit a trail? Minimize impact and leave no trace with these tips:
  • Know before you go. Learn about the trail you’re visiting, what to expect, what you will see, and dress appropriately for your trip.
  • Choose the right path. Stay on the main trail and avoid stepping on small trees and wildflowers.
  • Trash your trash. Be sure to take any food and trash with you when you leave to minimize the impact on wildlife and to keep the area beautiful for all users.
  • Leave what you find behind. Leave plants, rocks, and other items as you find them so others can enjoy them, too! Please treat living plants with respect; do not peel, pick, or cut them.
  • Respect wildlife. It is not uncommon to see wildlife in our parks and on our trails. Observe animals from a distance; do not approach, feed, or follow them. Keep your pets on a leash and clean up after them, too.