The Lakefront District A to Z

Next up on the Lakefront District A to Z list is letters J through N! Check out some of our favorite places below.

J is for the Johnny Broyles Nature Trail. The Johnny Broyles Nature Trail is a beautiful place to walk, bike, and run to see just a snippet of The Lakefront District™! Starting at the north end of Little Elm Park, you can expect to see views of Lewisville Lake as you walk through the trail.

K is for Krab Kingz. Krab Kingz is a family-owned and operated business here in The Lakefront District™ that boasts a variety of fresh, delicious tasting seafood. Get your seafood fix at this Lakefront restaurant or get it to go to share with friends. Learn more at krabkingzlittleelm.com.

L is for Life in The Lakefront™. There’s always something going on in The Lakefront District™ from special events to live music and everything in between! Stay up to date with life in The Lakefront by following our social media channels:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lakefrontlittleelm/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lakefrontlittleelm/

M is for Margarita Hut. Margarita Hut has all your refreshing, cocktail needs! Swing by today before you hit the beach or call to have them deliver directly to you. Learn more at margaritahut.net.

N is for Nautical Boat Club. Give your family a day to remember with Nautical Boat Club! Rent a boat for the day and enjoy the summer sun. Learn more at nauticalboatclub.com.