Hydrous Wake Park Featured on TX TODAY NBC5

This past month, Kristin Dickerson, with NBC5 Texas Today, visited Hydrous Wake Park in the Lakefront Little Elm!

Hydrous Wake Park opened in 2013 as a cable wake board training facility focused on producing the best wake boarders in the area. But don’t worry! All ages and levels are accepted — whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

The location lies on the shores of Lewisville in Little Elm, Texas, and features an overhead cable system that leads you through and around a 10-acre lake, which lets you glide with ease!

Hydrous also offers lessons, summer camps, group parties, and an inflatable Aqua Park for those a little less adventurous.

Upon Kristin’s arrival, online booking made the check-in process quick and easy. Within minutes, the host was strapped into her life jacket and wake board, and ready to take on the training cable! Every first-timer will be introduced to the wake board and learn everything they need to know before attempting the main cable. So if you get a bit nervous, as Kristin did, don’t worry!

She also had the opportunity to speak with the owner of Hydrous Wake Parks, Chad Lacerte, who gave her a rundown of the facility and its great amenities.

After conquering the main course, Kristin and her producer, Jessica, sat down for a much-needed feast at Towers Tap House located directly next door to the wake park. The feast included some of Towers’ signature dishes, including Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Hand-made Fried Catfish, Towers Burger, Chicken Tenders, and the Buffalo Chicken Salad. Yum! Not to mention, Towers has the best view of the cable park, where you can enjoy with a drink in hand!

See a full Towers Tap House menu here.

A huge thank you to Kristin Dickerson and the NBC5 Texas Today team for visiting the Lakefront and displaying just some of what we have to offer!

Watch the full segment here.