Hit the Lakefront Trails This Autumn

This season holds the perfect weather for walking, hiking, or biking along all of the trails in Little Elm. These four trails wind through beautiful scenery and have wide, clear paths to follow!


Lakefront Trail



The Lakefront Trail is a beautiful route that runs for four miles along Lewisville Lake. The trail, which can be accessed at Beard Park or between Hula Hut and Hydrous, runs all the way to McCord

Park. While the Lakefront Trail is long, many areas are shaded by a tree canopy, and the area features beautiful scenery from start to finish. You are also sure to spot some unique birds and plants throughout the trail along the way!


Johnny Broyles Trail

If you’re looking for a lakeside view, look no further than the Johnny Broyles trail. This trail is located in Little Elm Park and runs along Lewisville Lake. It runs for just under a mile and is made up of a 10-foot wide path! This trail is perfect if you are walking your dogs, strolling the kids, or going for a run!



Harts Branch Trail

This trail includes a 12-foot wide concrete path that winds through beautiful trails and neighborhoods! This trail connects Lakefront Trail and Eldorado Parkway to Walker Lane. This trail is perfect for the connectivity aspect either on foot or by bike! It is a trail that connects the northern neighborhoods directly to The Lakefront!


Cottonwood Nature Trail

This scenic trail is a mile and a half long made up of rustic wood chips with two trailheads for access. These access points are located across the Cottonwood Sports Complex and at the end of Hardwick Lane. While this trail is a great path, you may want to venture off with the numerous access points to the lake. The lakeside view is a phenomenal one that will be sure to take you off track, for all the right reasons!Image result for little elm cottonwood marina