1st Annual Tricycle Race to benefit Lovepacs of Little Elm

Welcome racers to the Circuit de Little Elm!

All proceeds are to be donated to Lovepacs of Little Elm

Race 1: 3 Laps – ages up to 6 y.o.a. -non modified tricycle.
Race 2: 3 Laps- ages up to 6 y.o.a. -modified tricycle.
Race 3: 3 Laps- ages 7 to 15 y.o.a -non modified tricycle.
Race 4: 3 Laps- ages 7 to 15 y.o.a.-modified tricycle.
Race 5: 3 Laps- ages 16 and up – non modified tricycle
Race 6: 3 Laps- ages 16 and up- modified tricycle.
Race 7: 5 Laps- open to all ages. 5 person relay race. Racers must chug a beer, root beer or water at hydration station then must do a lap. The next racer on your team must then chug their beverage of choice and so on and so on.

We largely encourage any and all Christmas decorations, lights and costumes!

We encourage all local and far businesses to enter in a tricycle in the race.

We encourage all Police and Fire Departments to enter their own tricycle in the race.

We encourage Little Elm and the surrounding towns to enter their own tricycle in the race.

1. ALL tricycles must be powered with the racers legs by means of pedaling with pedals.

2. NON Modified classes- Must be completely stock absolutely no modifications: excludes Christmas decorations.

3. Modified classes- must be powered with racers legs or hands by means of pedaling with pedals. 3 Wheels only! NO limits on modifications! We encourage it!

4. HAVE FUN!!! This is an annual event and hope it becomes a family tradition! Lets have a fun day and do something together to raise money and give kids in need a great Christmas!

Racers must donate $10 to enter into any race. We strongly suggest that you Pre-Register before race day to help keep race day to run as smoothly as possible. You can pick up your entry form at the Little Elm Craft House, Little Elm Recreation center and all of our partners.

Registration table will be open on day of the event at 12pm and close 10mins before races start. We know its a small window but this is why we ask every racers to be preregistered. For more information please contact chase@littleelmcrafthouse.com

The event is finished.


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